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The Mark Of Cain + Blacklevel Embassy + The Sea Shall Not Have Them @ The Hi-Fi, 21.03.2013

I always feel awkward at gigs where a band plays to a small crowd but where I’m stood right at the front photographing.  It’s worse in venues where there isn’t a front barrier as at least the steelwork provides some separation between the band and the crowd and your own little area to work in.  […]

Soundwave 2013 @ RNA Showgrounds, Saturday 23 February 2013 – Part 1

If there’s one constant to take away from every Soundwave, it’s that any plans to photograph the first couple of bands of the day always go straight out of the window as the photo passes are never ready to collect from the box office in time. It’s the same story every year. Looking back at […]

The Ongoing Battles of Me vs John Stanier

  Let’s face it; whilst Tyondai Braxton is as close to a front man as you’re going to get with Battles, it’s all about trying to get photos of drummer John Stanier in full flight.  This would normally be a fairly easy proposition at many venues but being the Zoo in Brisbane there’s the lack […]