Schlockfest 2007

Couple Saturday nights ago went to Scholckfest at The Globe. Schlockfest bills itself as ‘Brisbane’s Best B-Grade Short Film Festival’ and the films I saw didn’t disappoint with tales of killer cans of Spam and giant chickens. As well as the films there was also caberet and music to end the night. The main reason for going was to see Darling Downs (Died Pretty’s Ron Peno and The Scientists’/Beasts of Bourbon’s Kim Salmon) and try to get some good photos of them. Saw them support The Drones last year but it was at The Columbian so it was mostly in the dark and the photos were pretty meh.

Also on the bill were Brisbane bands The Mercy Dolls and the John Steel Singers. First time seen Mercy Dolls in ages (possibly at The Globe with Butcher Birds…) and they were on good form and were more dressy/showy than the other time, which made for some good photos. Had somehow managed not to see John Steel Singers before tonight but can see why they’re so highly rated.

Some photos below and more on flickr.


The John Steel Singers

The Mercy Dolls

Darling Downs

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