This Is Not A Photo Opportunity Has Wood

Seems like only yesterday….

Yep, we made it through another year and scarily have made it all the way to five years of blogging, our Wooden Anniversary.  When you start out you never think about the future or that in five years time you might still be writing about poor lighting at Brisbane venues, shows that start far too late and punters that seem to have no interest in the band that’s actually playing.

In those five years I have written 361 blog posts, with this post now being number 362.  This time last year I was up to 282 published posts and although I’ve managed to write 80 posts in the last 12 months, there’s still a massive backlog of posts that I’m slowly working my way through.  One of these days I might even finish the overdue blogs from the end of 2009…

I haven’t got much lined up in my diary at the moment, nothing until BluesFest at Easter although I’m sure I’ll end up going to a few smaller shows before then, so I’m using the time to try and catch up on some of the festivals I photographed this summer.  Posts about the non-Les Savy Fav parts of Laneway, Big Day Out and Soundwave should be on their way shortly.

Thanks to anyone who reads the blog and special thanks to all the people who have taken time to comment.

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