Thousand In Twenty – Rave Magazine’s 1,000th Edition Party @ The Zoo, 15.07.2011

I’ve been photographing for Rave since 2006, 15 September 2006 to be exact, when I covered that year’s three night Valley Fiesta for them. I started photographing for Rave through a combination of good luck, being recommended by one of the magazines writers and being available and willing to cover an event that none of the other photographers listed on the masthead wanted to cover. I can remember that I worked really hard over the weekend, photographed a load of the bands over the three nights and sent a selection of the best photos to them late Sunday night to meet the Monday deadline. I remember rushing to get a copy of the magazine on the Tuesday and was slightly devastated that despite all my hard work, they hadn’t published any of my photos. Worse than that, I don’t think they actually published any photos that week on the reviews page. From memory I think it was still a few months before I heard from them again but then they added me to their mail-outs and I started to put into cover gigs for them. I really should remember the first time I did a “proper” (i.e. more “glamorous than a free festival in Brunswick Street Mall) gig for them or the first time they published one of my photos. I think it both of those things happened when I photographed Noel Gallagher at The Tivoli in December 2006 and although I might be wrong, I’ve got a feeling that was when it all started.

In the year I’m celebrating my 5th anniversary of photographing for Rave, the magazine celebrates its 1,000 edition with a party and a bunch of bands at The Zoo. I’m not covering the night but take my camera along anyway to take a few quick photos. The night became a bit of a blur due to the alcohol intake although I only find out afterwards that I’ve missed out on free Rekorderlig from the VIP section downstairs. Some fairly terrible photos from the night, but that’s how it is sometimes, especially when you’re not properly focused on the task and raising a glass or three to celebrate Rave’s milestone birthday.  Here’s to many more.

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