Velociraptor @ Browning Street Studios, 06-02-10


I think tonight is supposed to be an all ages show but it seems more like the old school BYO shows that you used to get at 610 as dressed-up scenesters teenagers show their real class by drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Playing as a 9-piece tonight, Velociraptor take up more than half the room and at the start of their set there’s more of them in the room than there is people watching them, with the scenesters preferring to sit outside with their bottles of wine, well out of the way of the bands playing; they’re there to be seen, not watch bands.

In a way it’s hard not to find the band irritaing on first impressions; the abundance of very tight jeans and very pointy shoes instantly marks them as a scenester band, not particularly helped by their soundcheck, which for the most part involves the band members sneering ‘Nyyeeeaaaaahhhhhh’ into any microphone in the near vicinity, and not forgetting that they’ve got two drummers (both who play stood up) and a dedicated tambourine player.

But when the band actually starts all the pre-conceptions are forgotten. It’s raw, frenzied, happening right in your face, sweat dopping from the ceiling, unbounded fun; all the things rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be about.  The best bit is probably when one of the five guitarists stacks it and takes out at least one of the microphones, just at the point in a song where there’s a 2 second break, and the rest of the band just continue as if nothing happened, whilst he’s there on the floor still playing.

The band have been making a buzz for a few months now and having experienced them it’s easy to see why.  Definitely one of Brisbane’s bands to watch in 2010.

A few more photos on Flickr.



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