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My Disco + 100% + Cured Pink @ Crowbar, 20.11.2015

Traditionally you expect the lights to get better as a gig goes on, in a similar fashion to the sound improving for the headline act.  Tonight is one of those nights where the lighting goes in reverse and is best for the opening band.  Cured Pink have a couple of the band being lit, 100% […]

Pivot + My Disco @ The Zoo

I have never been impressed with Bloc Party: they have a good drummer but the best thing about their songs always seems to be the intros – as soon as those awful vocals and the terrible lyrics start I’m over it.  I saw them once, maybe at Glastonbury, and they weren’t very good then either.  So […]

My Disco: Paradise? Not at 1/20 Second…

It’s a rare occurrence for the support bands to have much better lighting than the headline act, but somehow My Disco managed it. Although when you play in near darkness with no front lights it’s not too hard to achieve. Indeed Feathers, the first band on, had by far the best lighting of the night. […]