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Real Estate + Feathers @ The Zoo, 13.03.2012

Running late again, I get to The Zoo twenty minutes after Tight Slip are due to start but with still another ten minutes left of their set. I can hear them playing as I walk up to the venue’s front door, but in the time it takes to walk up the stairs, get my hand […]

Vivian Girls + The Legend! & The Deadnotes + Nova Scotia + Feathers @ The Step Inn

Normally when I photograph a show I’ll try and write some quick notes the next morning to help me when I finally get around to writing the blog post.  However, I have gone through a massive phase of not doing this, meaning trying to write posts more than five months after they happened. The most […]

My Disco: Paradise? Not at 1/20 Second…

It’s a rare occurrence for the support bands to have much better lighting than the headline act, but somehow My Disco managed it. Although when you play in near darkness with no front lights it’s not too hard to achieve. Indeed Feathers, the first band on, had by far the best lighting of the night. […]

Die!Die!Die! with No!No!No! Lights

Some more stuff to file under ‘meh’. The lighting was probably slightly better than the Patrick Wolf gig but far from good so a lot of sub-1/50 shutter going on. One of these days I will get some decent photos of Scul Hazzards…fingers crossed for this Friday at The Zoo…. More on flickr. Die!Die!Die! Scul […]