My Disco + 100% + Cured Pink @ Crowbar, 20.11.2015

Traditionally you expect the lights to get better as a gig goes on, in a similar fashion to the sound improving for the headline act.  Tonight is one of those nights where the lighting goes in reverse and is best for the opening band.  Cured Pink have a couple of the band being lit, 100% have one person and My Disco play in total darkness, the only light coming from a projector connected to a laptop that shines rotating 3D geometric shapes, as seen on the cover of their 2015 album, ‘Severe’, onto the bass drum cover.

Very occasionally this spills over to shine some light on to the drummer but the other two members of the band play in darkness.  It’s time like this that the LEDs on the guitar effect foot pedals becomes the dominant lighting for most of the stage.  The last time I photographed a band that played in such little light was My Disco when they played at The Zoo a few years back…

And they play late…

A late show, poor lighting, terrible photos and not the best of nights.

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