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2007 – That Was The Year That Was

Just been going through my diary and doing a tally of who/what I’ve photographed this year. And it looks like this: Expatriate Bob Log III Handsome Family Vashti Bunyan The Follow Love Is All Bellrays Comets On Fire The Slits Overcranked V Festival Little Barrie Emma Dean Gin Club Nation Blue Midnight Juggernauts Beyonce Howling […]

Abbey Medieval Festival

Got dragged along to the Abbey Medieval Festival near Cabooolture for a day back in July. ‘Medieval’ being a bit of a loose term relating to a period of 600 years or so judging by the costumes and shows… Took camera as usual, wanted to get some jousting photos but it was impossible to get […]

Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 1

At the end of August ended up flying down to Melbourne and hanging out with the Butcher Birds for a couple days. Was much fun, even if there was nowhere near enough sleep, largely due to getting the 0615 flight down and having an action packed Friday which ended with the 2am show at The […]

Parklife 2007

Photographed Parklife when it passed through Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Not quite sure why I said I’d do it: me and dance music are generally two mutually exclusive entities… I think it was because I was asked, and flattery gets you everywhere… Despite not really looking forward to it, I actually enjoyed it […]

Bah to The National Photographic Portrait Prize…

So, I put in a couple of photos for the National Photographic Portrait Competition, but as the time you’d be notified if you’d made the final 60 has long since passed, I’m guessing I’m not gonna have my photo exhibited in the National Gallery in Canberra and I’m not in the running for the $25,000 […]