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First Aid Kit + Little Scout @ The Zoo, 16.03.2012

As is becoming a habit for me, I don’t get there in time to see Big Strong Brute and as the actual times have been changed from those advertised I also manage to miss the start of Little Scout. The band say that they haven’t played for six months but I think I probably saw them […]

Smudge + Little Scout @ The Troubadour, 09-10-10

First published on Collapse Board (19/10/2010). Watching Smudge tonight it’s really hard not to feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s not just that the band are part of the audience’s past, tied to a 1990s discography and not having released an album since 1998’s Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, but something much deeper than that; it’s a nostalgia for bands like Smudge. […]

Sally Seltmann + Parades + Little Scout @ The Zoo 09-07-10

Although Sally Seltmann is the headliner tonight, it’s clear that Parades are the drawcard, with Seltmann playing to a much smaller audience than the main support act. Whilst Parades are an interesting and intriguing band and have a lot of good things going for them, there’s something about them that just hard to actually like, […]

The Middle East + Little Scout @ The Old Museum

Despite the ever-growing acclaim and apparent international record label interest, I will admit to be slightly disappointed by The Middle East‘s debut release, ‘The Recordings of The Middle East‘. However, much of this disappointment stems by placing ‘Blood‘ as the middle song on a 5-track EP, raising the bar to such a high level that it almost makes the last […]