AC/DC + The Hives + Kingswood @ QSAC, 12.11.2015


AC/DC are a band I grew up with and have been listening to and enjoying for decades.  I’d never seen them so bought a ticket for one of the QSAC shows, a venue that’s just up the road from where I live, never expecting to be successful with applying for a photo pass.  Getting a photo pass plus ticket for the first night and having a ticket for the second night meant seeing the band twice in the period of three nights.

I wrote some words about it on Collapse Board, about whether it’s ok to like AC/DC.  I’m still not sure to be honest.  The shows were ok, not a great venue, the sound wasn’t the best, the setlist was identical on both nights and sadly Brian Johnson’s voice sounded a bit shot.  It was all about Angus and glad I went to finally get to see him play live.  Photographing them was fun. Photographing big shows normally is, it’s a shame I’m not in a position to cover many of them these days.

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