Future Islands + Curse Ov Dialect @ Triffid, 16.11.2015

I was never sold on that Future Islands appearance on Letterman, I didn’t get the hype about either them or the performance.  That perception changed when they played at Laneway earlier this year, when they were one of the standout acts of the day.  I think sometimes (maybe often) TV appearances just don’t translate into what a band is actually like when you see them in the flesh.  Singer Samuel T. Herring really gave it his all in his performance, despite playing on a typically hot and humid summer day and it was fantastic to photograph.  I really like the photos I got of their set and was keen to repeat the experience when they played a headlining show at Triffid.

Curse Ov Dialect are the sole support act.  I always wondered what happened to them.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything about them since that time, all those years ago, when they played at one of the 4ZZZ Market Days.

Although it’s a Monday night, and a rare Monday night show, the show is a sell out.  I didn’t expect that, assuming that the hype about Future Islands would have died down by now, and they didn’t seem like the sort of band that had a massive, long-term following.  It’s not as good as the Laneway experience as the Triffid lighting isn’t the best, with Herring plunging into darkness anytime he moves to the front of the stage.  At least there’s a proper photo pit, generally Triffid don’t put up barrier and you have to photograph from the crowd.

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