ATP – In Between Days 2009: Lightning Bolt + Glass Rock + Alexander Tucker, 08-12-2009

File under ‘Better Late Than Never (Maybe): Part 1’.

The first day of In Between Days 2009 was all about finally getting to see Lightning Bolt.  Whilst they had played the Sunday night of MBV’s Nightmare  Before Xmas, they clashed with getting to see MBV for the third time in three days and as I knew I was seeing today and as they were also playing at the 10 Years Of ATP the following weekend, I decided to wait until tonight to finally see them.

Amazingly only about 100 people stayed for the 4-days between the two weekend festivals (apparently the organisers had planned on 500 staying for the week) so getting to see Lightning Bolt play on the floor in the dark at the side of the stage in front of only a 100 people is a slightly strange experience.  On one hand its great to see a band so close up but with such a small crowd there isn’t the atmosphere to go with it and it feels more like a curio.  They don’t really do much for me; the drumming is really impressive but I can’t help but think that it’s a case of the emperor’s new clothes.  I see them again the following Sunday, the last band that I see for 2009, and this time they play in front of maybe 1,500 people.  It’s absolute carnage with a constant slew of crowd surfers and a crowd going nuts but once again it’s not doing anything for me other providing a chance to people watch.

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