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All Tomorrow’s Parties December 2009 – 10 Years of ATP – Part 4

Sunday. Day three of Ten Days of ATP. Day 10 and the last day of the ATP adventure.  However, after nine days of eating crap and drinking more that I’ve probably drunk since I was 18 and was just starting university, my body gives up. I finally get to see Shellac and it was worth […]

ATP – In Between Days 2009: Lightning Bolt + Glass Rock + Alexander Tucker, 08-12-2009

File under ‘Better Late Than Never (Maybe): Part 1’. The first day of In Between Days 2009 was all about finally getting to see Lightning Bolt.  Whilst they had played the Sunday night of MBV’s Nightmare  Before Xmas, they clashed with getting to see MBV for the third time in three days and as I […]