BIGSOUND 2015, 09.09.2015 – Part 1

High Tension @ BigSound 2016, Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I went to BigSound and photographed a lot of bands across the two nights of live showcases.  It’s one of those occasions where photo opportunities are maximised at the expense of spending time with any of the acts.

Highlights from this first set of photos were the musically-worlds-apart Aldous Harding and High Tension.  The Aldous Harding album is wonderful and I’ve managed to miss her the few times she’s played in Brisbane before.  I was hoping they might have a merch desk selling it on vinyl but oddly, there’s very little merch on show at most of the venues participating.  The biggest display is at The Globe, where High Tension are playing before Cosmic Pychos, a band that don’t exactly need a Bigsound showcase.  High Tension are fun to photograph, especially with the luxury of a photo pit.

I also checked out the much hyped Gold Class at a very full Ric’s.  That doesn’t say a lot as 50 people trying to see a band in Ric’s packs the place out.  I think I also tried to go and see Goon Sax on the first night but you couldn’t get anywhere near getting into the venue, with even the outside area being packed.  It must be depressing to be awarded one of the very coveted BigSound showcases and then find yourself playing somewhere like Ric’s or the Press Club, even more so if you’re from Brisbane and already know the venues.

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