Blog is 3

Today is the third anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog, first on Myspace and now here, on my very own bit of internet, using WordPress. In the three years I have written 197 blog posts, with this post now being number 198.

I posted in last year’s anniversary post, just after I’d transferred all my Myspace blogs over here, that it was all going well and that I was really happy to have moved away from Myspace and set up a more formal blog. The year using WordPress has been fantastic and I can’t believe that I didn’t move from myspace sooner. Having a proper blog has gotten me more page hits, more comments and more readers. It’s also helped me get more photographic work and get published in more places.

Of course it is relentless and never stops, so in the next couple of weeks I’ll be covering The Duke Spirit, The Kills, Louis XIV and Evan Dando, and of course the photos and more readable bits will be here in due course. And I’m still working on my massive backlog from the start of the year – that’ll teach me for having a month off to go to New Zealand – so posts about Fuck Buttons/Dead Meadow/Afrirampo, Laughing Clowns, Jeff Beck, Gareth Liddiard, Gary Numan, Summer Tones, The Stranglers and Andrew Morris are on their way.

So thanks for reading and thanks to all the people who have taken time to comment.  More stuff on its way (hopefully) soon.

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  1. Congrats man, always a pleasure to read your words here.

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