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Another year has zipped by and today’s the ninth anniversary of the site. The backlog has increased and I’ve recently found myself over a year behind, despite photographing less and less.  I think that’s half the problem; when I was photographing much more it helped make sure I kept on top of things.  I would […]


I managed to be disorganised enough to miss the eighth anniversary of keeping a blog yesterday. In those eight years I have written 544 with this post now being Number 545.  It’s been another slow year of 50 published posts.  I guess it’s a slight increase on last year’s 45 but a long way down […]

‘Do You Feel Like You’re Making History?’

Excerpts from an email I received a few days ago. Dear Justin Request for permission to archive: This Is Not A Photo Opportunity The State Library of Queensland would like to archive your website to preserve it for future generations. PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive, was set up by the National Library of Australia in […]

Blog is 3

Today is the third anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog, first on Myspace and now here, on my very own bit of internet, using WordPress. In the three years I have written 197 blog posts, with this post now being number 198. I posted in last year’s anniversary post, just after […]

No Love From Triple J

A few months ago Triple J put out the following call for submissions: Are you obsessed with finding the latest music online? Do you know about every good Australian band worth anything at the moment? Have you got your own music blog? Do you annoy your friends with constant music facts and the latest bands […]

Everett True vs The Australian Music Press

A quick non-photo post for a change. I was interested and slightly bemused a couple of months ago when I heard that Plan B creator/editor and ex-Melody Maker writer Everett True was relocating from Brighton to Brisbane. As weekly Melody Maker readers back in the day, we all used to hate ET with a passion, […] now with added Twitter

I have set up a Twitter account at To be honest I still don’t really get Twitter or consider it that useful in most situations. Whilst I can see some benefits for very established bloggers or very famous people whose exciting lives could probably cope with 140 character regular updates, I think, as with […]

Blog is Two

Today is the second anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog. Everything that was on my old Myspace blog has now been transferred over to this site and all the links and images that weren’t working (due to websites I have photographed for in the past changing their site layouts and page […]