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Blog is 3

Today is the third anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog, first on Myspace and now here, on my very own bit of internet, using WordPress. In the three years I have written 197 blog posts, with this post now being number 198. I posted in last year’s anniversary post, just after […]

Biffy and Blunt

Got one of my Biffy Clyro photos in the latest edition of Blunt magazine, the one with The Living End and Foxboro Hot Tubs on the front cover (#71). It’s always good getting a telephone call requesting a photo from a publication that you’ve not been published in before. So yay for me.

I’m (Not) With Rolling Stone

It’s kinda ironic that a few hours after getting an email from the Editor at Rolling Stone to ask me to send him some photos for next month’s magazine I got the email from VRaw saying that I was unsuccessful with my application for the RS freelance photographer job…. Oh well, it wasn’t exactly much […]

One Step Closer to Being Able to Say “I’m with Rolling Stone”…

Applied for a freelance photographer position at RS that was being run through the VRaw myspace site. Got this email yesterday: Not sure what the next steps are. Or how big the shortlist is. Not really expecting to get it, but is nice to anyway. More news when I have it…