Blog is Two

Today is the second anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog. Everything that was on my old Myspace blog has now been transferred over to this site and all the links and images that weren’t working (due to websites I have photographed for in the past changing their site layouts and page naming conventions) have been fixed. Some things I have learnt over the last few weeks:

  1. In the two years I have written 103 blogs, with this post now being blog number 104;
  2. In those two years my Myspace blog has had 4,645 views; and
  3. In the 5 or so  weeks that I have been putting content onto This Is Not A Photo Opportunity I have had 8,447 Page Views. And not all of them have been Google bots…

So it’s all going well and I’m really happy to have moved away from Myspace and set up my own formal little bit of the internet. Lots more stuff on its way in the next week or so, including Sinead O’Connor, Whitesnake, and hopefully Queens of the Stone Age and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Stay tuned.

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