Deerhoof + Wooden Shjips + Tenniscoats + Jefferey Lewis @ The Hi-Fi, 05-03-10

The flotsam and jetsam from the wreck of the Lost Weekend festival has been salvaged into a number of highly attractive, hastily arranged, last minute gigs over the city this weekend.  With the bulk of the bands still willing and able to play lined up for a mini, all-day festival at Rosie’s on the Sunday, tonight’s show at The Hi-Fi is a stellar lineup of some of the best overseas bands that had been booked for the original festival.  Forgetting the fact that these bands were supposed to be playing a festival in  the city, it would be hard to find a gig in Brisbane with a better lineup than this all year.

Rage levels rise during Tenniscoats‘ set thanks to the abundance of rude punters who sit on the floor in groups towards the front, totally ignoring the band as they chat amongst themselves, making hearing the band over the din a near impossible pursuit.  But then Saya & Ueno take it to the crowd by standing on the very edge of the stage and singing and playing un-amplified, turning heads and making people pay attention. Tenniscoats 1, The Hi-Fi Crowd 0.

Deerhoof are incredible, such an amazing live band.  if you haven’t seen them, you really should make it a priority.

The evening would have been better with photo pit but there are some advantages to being able to shoot the whole show and get a better variety of shots than you sometimes get when you only have a few songs to photograph in.

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