Gooch Palms + Woodboot + Tempura Nights + Eyes Ninety @ Crowbar, 13.02.2015

Gooch Palms @ Crowbar, Friday 13 February 2015

Yet another Crowbar show and one that further cemented my views on the place.

The upstairs bar is nice and the $10 price for a pint of cider, and a nice tasting one at that, are a welcome addition to the Brisbane scene where you normally expect to pay $8 or $9 for a 250ml bottle of nasty cider. But downstairs, where the bands play, continues to put me off from going to shows there.

More than a year on from the show, my one residing memory from the night is one of uncomfortable claustrophobia as the crowd size increases for the headliners and I find myself trapped between the side wall and a group of energetically dancing punters, which would all be fine and good except, with the wall on one side, I have nowhere to move into and am finding it hard to keep myself balanced and feeling uncomfortably claustrophobic. I end up pushing my way out and around to somewhere where there is a bit more space but it means being nowhere near enough to the stage to take any decent photos. It’s a huge disappointment as it’s been a while since I’d seen Gooch Palms and they’re always such a fun band to see.

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