Knaw + Updead Apes + Fancy Boys @ Crowbar, 12.02.2015

Knaw @ Crowbar, Thursday 12 February 2015

I had/have no idea who Knaw were/are and although they came recommended via Facebook, I was at the Crowbar to see Undead Apes play their first show in ages (due to one of them living overseas, Indonesia I think). The name Fancy Boys was familiar from the mid-late 2000s when I first moved to Brisbane but I’d never seen them before. Turns out it’s some of Knaw plus some of Undead Apes, which I guess makes the whole line-up for tonight an obvious choice.

Knaw started interesting in a Jane’s-Addiction-when-they-were-good way but then went off into a bit of a slap bass, Chilli Peppers diversion. At least that’s what my memory of them from 12 months ago is telling me.

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