Lost & Found Festival @ Rosie’s, 07-03-10

By the time I’d been signed up to cover the Lost Weekend Festival it had already been relocated from Ivory Rocks, a 45 minutes drive west from Brisbane, to The Riverstage and downscaled from a three day camping festival to a two day festival in the heart of the city.

Having looked forward to the two days and a bill that was much more varied and eclectic than your usual triple j affiliated festival, it was disappointing when it was cancelled.   The disappointment was somewhat short-lived, with a number of Brisbane promoters pulling out all the stops to make sure that as many of the bands as possible played over the weekend at venues throughout the city, with the main gig being a two-stage, all-day affair at Rosie’s in the city.

If there was one thing that the Lost & Found Festival has taught me it’s the unreliability of Facebook as a gauge of how popular an event is going to be.  Personally I like the ability for bands to put events on Facebook, I like seeing who’s going and who I can try and catch up with.  Over 800 people said they were attending the Lost & Found Festival, which made me incredibly wary and pessimistic at the thought of dealing with over 800 people in Rosie’s and the idea of trying to take photos in a tiny venue with 800 people, no photo pit and no stage in the upstairs room, with bands playing on the floor.  If I managed to get anything decent of Monotonix playing upstairs it would have been the greatest feat of concert photography ever.  Maybe it was a good thing that they cancelled at the very, very last minute (i.e. within an hour or so of being due on stage), citing injury.

Even though over 800 people said they were going to attend, in the last couple of days before the gig, the organisers were doing a 2-for-1 deal; that made it $17.50 per person for a whole day of music and a load of really good bands,  but it seemed ever so slightly reckless considering over 800 people had said they were going.  Just how full did they want the place?

In the end they had about 100 advance payers and I wouldn’t have said the numbers over the whole day increased much above that.  Brisbane, hang your head in shame.

A few more photos from the day on The Vine.

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  1. Cameron says:

    this was one of the most enjoyable nights of music i’ve ever attended. i didn’t see a single mediocre set. one one, can can, lou barlow, busdriver, hawnay troof… so many great acts, and lots of great local bands too. almost made up for the cancellation of the original festival (along with the dinosaur jr show at the zoo and the deerhoof/tenniscoats/jeffrey lewis/wooden shjips show at the hifi)

    criminally underattended. i think the fans guys lost thousands on this event. i, for one, am extremely grateful.

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