Monster Magnet + Regular John + Rollerball @ The Hi-Fi

Monster Magnet

I find out tonight that Monster Magnet have a completely different fan base in Australia than they do in the UK, Whilst the UK fanbase is more what I’d expect, being the typical indie/rock crowd, the audience in the Hi-Fi tonight is possibly the most bogan crowd I’ve ever experienced outside an Australian music festival.

Rollerball, being in a similar musical mould, and an obvious choice of opening act, go down well with the crowd. Playing a support slot plays a lot more to their strengths than the much longer headline set they played at their recent album launch at The Zoo.



Despite the plaudits, Regular John don’t really offer much of anything to me tonight although the sound is less than great. And as with previous visits, I can’t say I’m much impressed with The Hi-Fi’s lighting either.

Regular John

Regular John

Monster Magnet are entertaining enough but it always feels like it’s been a really long night by the time headline acts come on at The Hi-Fi. I don’t know if it is, but the time between bands seems to be much longer than at other Brisbane venues and an evening out there just has a mystical ability to make time go by really slowly. Time slips by easily when there’s something to do, something to see, the ability to watch the world going by, which the Hi-Fi just doesn’t have. Even going outside doesn’t really help, as unlike venues in the Valley, like The Zoo or The Troubadour, these isn’t the same potential for people watching on the outer limits of West End.  Moving around the place is an effort; the steps might provide improved views of the stage but with no seats in the venue they become the only place for people to sit down. The queue for the bar always seems to take forever and getting a drink whilst a band is onstage, especially if you’re stood somewhere near the front and have to negotiate the steps, all the people and the people sat on the steps, with a bag full of camera gear, is hard work. 

A late starting Monster Magnet and wanting to see Violent Soho’s last show before they relocate to New York means that I only get to see about half the of the headliner’s set, but sadly, in a way, I can’t wait to escape the Hi-Fi and head back to the Valley.

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

Some more photos on Flickr.

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  1. […] Leaving the Monster Magnet show mid-way through it’s a race across town to get to the Step Inn for Violent Soho’s last show before relocating to New York. I get there just in time, although having missed all the support acts. Photographing at the Step Inn is challenging at the best of times, as it’s one of the most poorly lit venues in Brisbane, but tonight with a large crowd, some of who might have been drinking heavily and wanting to give the band a proper send-off, it’s an even harder proposition. So I squeeze into a space at the very edge of the stage and try to avoid being squashed in the mosh, whilst taking a few photos. I don’t stay for too long, relocating back to a mush safer vantage point after a few songs. Fun times, rubbish photos. They will be greatly missed from the Brisbane music scene but best of luck to them. […]

  2. how much is that pic of cinty and stace at the zoo?

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