Seekae + Ghoul @ Woodland, 15.04.2011

I see that there are time listed for three acts tonight on Woodland’s Facebook page but as I don’t bother to check each of them out I arrive at the venue nice and early for Bardeya, only to find it’s a laptop DJ for the next 45 minutes.

The weird thing about tonight is that I’ve never seen as many DSLRs at a small venue as are on show at Woodland tonight.  Either Woodland’s lack of camera policy has made it the obvious place for all the budding music photographers to get some experience and practice their skills or Seekae’s recent acclaim for +Dome, their second album, has meant that everyone is here to capture the zeitgeist.

Either way it’s even weirder as Woodland is generally a terrible place to photograph at, a mixture of poor lighting and any lighting that is there not actually being directed to the right places on the stage, and keyboard/laptop-type bands, like Seekae and support band Ghoul, make for such a unexciting photographic experience.

Being Woodland, the headline act don’t come on until 11:30pm ish and so I call it a night long before they are due to stop playing.  It’s not a particularly exciting night to be honest.

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