Sixfthick + Bad Vision + Tiny Migrants + Undead Apes @ Crowbar, 10.11.2012

The year looked like ending with a rare month without anything being published (only 7 in almost 7 years) but there’s just enough time for a very quick final post for 2012.

I’d never been to Crowbar before. I think it’s been one of those on/off venues on Brunswick Street over the last few years that’s popped up for a week or two before shutting down before anyone has noticed.

Located opposite the main train station entrance, I’m not sure if it was a strip club in a previous life.  Stairs lead down from the pavement to a set of large floor-to-ceiling swing doors that seem little more than an accident waiting to happen and I don’t envy anyone loading in/out of the place.

To call the room basic would be an understatement, with the walls and the ceiling painted black and only a few classic US punk gig posters providing much in the way of decoration.  Somewhat unsettling, there’s also a drain cover in the middle of the floor.

But despite the no-frills approach, there is a lot to like it as a live music venue.  The stage is small but the audience’s sight lines from the floor aren’t bad.  The sound is good for a venue of that size, clear but deafening loud; even with ear plugs, my ears are ringing afterwards.  Best of all, again for a venue of that size, is that the lighting is good. It’s not perfect as the back of the stage is still quite dark (as with most venues) but the lighting at the front is strong and well mixed for colour.  It’s always surprising to go to a small venue and come away with a load of photos that work in colour and don’t have to be converted to black and white for the best results.

From a first impression of Crowbar I would definitely be happy to head back there to photograph again in the future and I don’t often say that about new venues.

As for the show itself, Sixfthick reminded me that they’re still the best live band in Brisbane, as if that was ever really in question.

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