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Sonic Masala 2015 @ Greenslopes Bowls Club, 14.03.2015: Part 2

I’m there for the duration but throughout the day, the numbers ebb and flow. I guess it helps that Greenslopes isn’t too far away from where I live and I’m used to photographing music festivals from first to last. I think a lot of people headed off early to catch Oblivians play their first show […]

Timothy Carroll + Mckisko + Kate Jacobsen @ The Troubadour

As I said at the time, I was very impressed when I first saw Timothy Carroll, when he supported Texas Tea at their album launch last year; a set of really nice songs, with excellent melodies sung beautifully, especially the vocal contributions of The Troubadour’s Corinna Scanlon who I didn’t realise sang up until that […]

Bon Iver + Mckisko @ The Tivoli

The whole Alt Country/Alt Folk scene has been flirting with the mainstream for a number of years, near enough since the start of this decade, but with Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver battling for supremacy in most of the music media’s end of year polls, 2008 definitely seems to be The Year That Folk Broke. From one […]