Soundwave 2010 @ RNA Showgrounds, 20.02.2010 – Part 1

Soundwave might be rolling around again this coming weekend but a long-standing gap in my list of blog posts to complete has been the 2010 festival that was headlined by the reformed Faith No More.  After two years the details of the day are very sketchy to say the least.  Instead of anything meaningful (if that’s the right word),  finally getting around to publishing these posts will have to just be a combination of the photos from the day and the running tweets that send throughout the day and the following day.

  • Meant to be shooting Soundwave except no confirmation either way (reviewers got the ok) Gonna have to risk the walk of shame with camera bag
    10:01 AM Feb 20th via web
  • In other really annoying news, bought new lens on Monday online to use today, they said it was posted on Tues but it hasn’t arrived.
    10:03 AM Feb 20th via web
  • On way to #soundwave. might be a really short journey if don’t have photo pass waiting for me.
    10:31 AM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Media wristband and orange fluoro jacket were waiting for me! Woot! #
    11:19 AM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Now has two spare tickets to soundwave. Going cheap if anyone’s interested.
    11:42 AM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Um. How old is the girl from Rolo Tomassi? I could almost see what she’d had for lunch from where I was stood. #soundwave
    12:13 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Gallows jump shot fail. You knew he was gonna jump from speaker stack into the crowd but was almost under him and moving back missed it
    12:52 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Set Your Goals seem a bit lame after Gallows. #soundwave
    1:04 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Caught last few Sunny Day Real Estate songs. Shame clashed with Gallows. Regret not going to see them when was in Seattle in 94 #soundwave
    1:12 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Taking Back Sunday. Am too old and too male to understand #soundwave
    1:38 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Eagles Of Death Metal. Meh. Aren’t you a bit old to be pulling the lothario schtick? Like old enough to be their dad?
    2:30 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Alexisonfire. Gotta love the craziness. Photo pit now a carpet of shoes, hats and broken sun glasses. Good wholesome christian rock up next
    3:10 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Lol at the silence that greets alexisonfire pay homage to australian bands. Guess crowd isn’t old enough to have heard of half of them
    3:17 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Sat by entrance to first aid watching a steady stream of teary emo kids hobbling by.
    3:29 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Stuck a wider lens on old camera. Holy crap did I used to take photos on that
    3:31 PM Feb 20th via mobile web

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