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Violent Soho + Ceres + Black Deity @ Mansfield Tavern, 07.11.2014

Driving the 15 minutes across Brisbane’s southern bible belt, from Salisbury where there are probably as many churches as shops, past Hillsong’s base in Mt Gravatt to Mansfield, Brisbane’s infamous religious heartland and the home of Violent Soho, it strikes that in over 10 years in Australia, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a […]

Big Day Out 2014 @ Metricon Stadium, 19.01.2014: Part 1

This year’s Big Day Out line-up wasn’t the greatest, to say the very least.  It was clear that the organisers spent their money on the three big bands at the top of the bill, leaving them little to flesh out the rest of the day.  Although I was never much of a fan, getting to […]

Flood Bank @ The Old Museum, 03.02.2011

The evening before Laneway finds me at the Old Museum for the Flood Bank benefit night, as the name suggests a fundraiser for people affected by the 2011 floods in Queensland, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Premier’s Flood Appeal.  As well as the gig, the organisers asked a number of Brisbane music […]

Brisbane Laneway 2011 @ Alexandria Street, 04.02.2011 – Part 2

“Les Savy Fav played. Some other bands were also present” This is where I try and remember anything about any of the other bands that played… I guess the writing was on the wall for Laneway’s status as a boutique festival this time last year, when some canny booking meant a bill that boasted Florence […]

Vegas Kings @ The Troubadour, 13-11-2010

An evening of farewells. On one side of Brisbane, down by the river, Powderfinger are playing the final show of their illustrious 20 year career. Surprisingly, given the demand, that is the fourth show at the Riverstage, that it’s the very end and supposed to be sold out, tickets are still on sale at the […]

Violent Soho + Scul Hazzards + Butcher Birds + The Seizures @ The Zoo 24-07-10

Three of Brisbane’s best bands, three bands I’ve photographed and blogged about so many times it’s hard to know what else I can say (plus opening band The Seizures, who I’d never seen before but who had my ears ringing well before the end of their set and me reaching for my ear plugs, a […]

Violent Soho @ The Step Inn

Leaving the Monster Magnet show mid-way through it’s a race across town to get to the Step Inn for Violent Soho’s last show before relocating to New York. I get there just in time, although having missed all the support acts. Photographing at the Step Inn is challenging at the best of times, as it’s […]

Violent Soho on Film 28-05-09

 Having seen and photographed Violent Soho plenty of times over the last few years and having photographed them recently in The Zoo car park, I took the opportunity to relax from needing to get editorial photos for publication and take a roll of film instead when they supported …And You Will Know Us By The […]

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead + Violent Soho @ The Zoo

When it comes to live music, I’m usually a ‘stay ’til the bitter end’ type of gig-goer.  For the most part I can never fathom why people would purposely walk out of a gig after only a few songs; maybe it’s just the optimist in me that hopes however bad it is it will get […]

Violent Soho + Boondall Boys @ The Zoo Carpark

Australia music seems to be intrinsically linked to a notion that the best Australian bands have to play to tiny audiences in tiny venues, get little attention in their own city, let alone the rest of the country, due to the parochial tendencies of each major city/state and the unhealthy competiveness that goes along with […]

The Mess Hall

I wrote in a blog last year about the joys of photographing The Mess Hall, in particular Cec and his photogenic drumming skills. The album launch last year was a disappointing affair, with very little light being stuck in a poor position to photograph from. When the Brisbane date in support of their latest single […]

Magic Dirt + Violent Soho + Gyanism

Some photos from the Magic Dirt gig at The Zoo a couple weeks back. Magic Dirt gone a lot more rock and noise since the last (and first) time I saw them at The Annandale about 2 1/2 years ago. Been told they were more like this back in the day. Violent Soho, still being […]

4ZZZ Market Day 2006

Some photos from last Saturday’s 4ZZZ Market Day shindig at the RNA Showgrounds. A few below and the rest of them (193 photos of 18 or so of the 72 bands that played) are here. Violent Soho I Heart Hiroshima Sekiden The Gin Club SixFtHick The Meanies Jump 2 Light Speed CurseOvDialect