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Throughout The Universe, In Perpetuity: Why I Don’t Sign Copyright Grabbing Photo Contracts

I was recently interviewed by Andrew McMillen for a story that was published on The Vine about the photo release forms that photographers have to sign, mainly at the festivals and the larger stadium/arena gigs but increasingly at much smaller shows: “I didn’t sign either contract,” says Brisbane-based photographer Justin Edwards, who was covering the festival […]

We Are Scientists + Bluejuice @ The Zoo

This night was one of those very rare occasions at The Zoo when you’re given a photo pass and told “first three, no flash”. Whilst I can deal with this “industry standard”, it is a pain when it’s at a small venue without a photo pit and without much in the way of lighting. Support […]

Let’s Bitch about Concert Photography Contracts – Part 1

There is an ever growing cancer that is gnawing away at the life of a music photographer; the photography contract.  The actual origins of the contact are unclear; some people say Led Zeppelin, some say Rush, some say Blondie, and so on.  Just as unclear are the reasons for its birth; was it fighting in […]