BIGSOUND 2015, 10.09.2015 – Part 2

Totally Mild @ BigSound 2015, Thursday 10 September 2015

The final set of photos from BigSound 2015. Highlights were Jonny Telephone at Ric’s, one of the pleasant surprises of the whole thing, and, as yesterday, Major Leagues and Totally Mild. I’d never seen Waax before and they were fun to photograph as was Milwaukee Banks. I’m not a fan of the music but really liked the photos that came out of it, despite having to battle the poor lighting at Woolly Mammoth.

Even if most of the line-up is your average triple j fare, it’s good to see BigSound getting its act together this year, or at least doing a much better job of trying to put its house in order. In previous years, under its old regime, the conflicts of interest between the people putting on the event and the bands being awarded showcases was embarrassing to the point of disgraceful. They’re probably lucky that that Brisbane Musicians United lot didn’t get their act together, despite all the evidence that was readily available, as you would have to question whether any funding bodies would have been willing to stump up the cash for the event to run if they had put together the argument that was there to be made. It’s still far from perfect, as the awarding of a much coveted showcase to The Rumjacks shows. But that’s another story for another time.

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