BluesFest 2011: Day 3 – Saturday 23.04.2011

Originally I had planned on making the drive up from Ballina late in the day for John Legend.  Other than that there was no one I was especially interested in photographing or seeing.  Indigo Girls? No. Wolfmother? Bored of seeing them, bored of photographing them. Imogen Heap? Maybe, but not enough to make me hang about on site for 4 hours before John Legend? Kasey Chambers? No thank you? Franti?  Seen and photographed him a couple times before but just not interested in doing it again really.  I used to love the guy when he was in Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy but have liked him a lot less since he’s decided he’s the incarnation of Bob Marley.

But after events of the last two days it just didn’t seem worth more than an hour round trip to get to photograph for maybe three or four minutes.  So in the end I took the whole day off, went to Byron, walked around the market and then hit the far end of Tallow’s Beach for a relaxing afternoon by the sea and an evening of food and drinks in Ballina.

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