BluesFest 2011: Day 4 – Sunday 24.04.2011

Although Lowell George is long gone, I had originally wanted to photograph Little Feat.  Not really sure why to be quite honest… But ever since the first day of the festival they had been written up on the media tent’s whiteboard as not allowing photographers.  So instead I headed in a bit later for Mavis Staples and Irma Thomas.  Mavis Staples and her band were incredible.  What a singer, what a voice.  It did go and watch the whole of her set after being escorted out of the photo pit and it did make me wish I’d come in on the Saturday to see he play her first set of the weekend.  Annoyingly, from a photographic point of view, she was joined by Elvis Costello for either the fourth or fifth song.  (Costello watched the whole of her set from the side of the stage).  it’s always annoying when something special and out of the ordinary happens but you’re not allowed to photograph it (at least not legitimately according to the media accreditation rules).  I didn’t stay for all of Irma Thomas however.  It was nice enough but just a little bit too clean sounding for me, especially when compared to the rawness and pure soul of Mavis Staples.

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