Clare Bowditch @ The HiFi, 08.10.2010

I always really enjoy photographing Claire Bowditch and have written previously that it’s impossible to take a bad photo of her.

Tonight I completely dispel that theory by taking as load of rubbish in those first three songs. I don’t think it’s entirely my fault; the lighting in the Hi-Fi is typically very low and the way Bowditch has her microphones and keyboards set up in front of her makes it hard to get a good angle.

What would be the best angle is obscured by a microphone stand and instead there’s only a very small window between mics and instruments which has an unobstructed view; it’s nowhere near the best angle to photograph her from.

It’s always frustrating when you look forward to photographing someone and it doesn’t turn out as you wanted. ¬†At least with Clare Bowditch being an Australian act it shouldn’t be too long before she tours again and plays in Brisbane or is included on a festival bill; it’s a lot more disappointing when it’s an overseas act and it might be years before you get a second chance.

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