I Heart Hiroshima + DZ @ The Zoo

Another chance to catch up with DZ, this time away from the small stage of The Troubadour, supporting I Heart Hiroshima at The Zoo.  I had hoped that the larger venue, larger stage and better lighting might make it an improved photographic experience but it ends up being almost the opposite, with the band being swallowed up by the much bigger stage and the strobe light having much less of an impact in the smaller confines of The Troubadour.  So I stuck with shorter shutter speeds and didn’t really try to get any of the multiple exposures that I had done before when seeing them at two Troubadour shows, a headline 1am show and supporting Philadelphia Grand Jury.

Tonight’s show is the launch of ‘Shakeytown’, the first single from their second album, ‘The Rip’ and it’s a great little pop song and a really cool and clever video clip. 


However, the video highlights the most annoying thing about photographing the band, with Susie providing all the focus and Matthew and Cameron both shoegazing with their eyes shut most of the time. I did manage to finally get a few of Matthew giving some eye contact at the start of the last song but guess will have to wait for another time to get something from Cameron.

A few more photos on Flickr.

I Heart Hiroshima


Stemford Hiss

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