Soundwave 2010 @ RNA Showgrounds, 20.02.2010 – Part 3


Soundwave 2010 – The Final Push

  • Jane’s played Up The Beach, Mountain Song and Ain’t No right. All the togs have stayed for song 4. Three days. See you in 11.
    6:40 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Whores, Been Caught Stealing, …And She Did. Woah. Great setlist. #soundwave
    6:55 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Ocean Size, Ted Just Admit It. Shame its obvious Eric A is on his own little bit of the stage
    7:08 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Made a mistake seeing Jimmy Eat World. So boring. Should have gone to Aquabats.
    8:13 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Question is to see all of FNM or a bit and shoot him, Enter Shikari and see the end of FNM
    8:15 PM Feb 20th via mobile web
  • Haven’t eaten since breakfast. Am starving
    8:17 PM Feb 20th via mobile web

Downloading Photos

  •  Have seen the reformed Faith No More and Jane’s Addiction today. And very good they both were.
    12:21 AM Feb 21st via web
  • I always loved FNM. Saw them support GnR with Soundgarden supporting once upon a time. They were both better than GnR
    12:28 AM Feb 21st via web
  • I also saw Anthrax today. And Anvil. Anthrax were great. Also saw a tonne of emo shit. And Paramore who were awful & depressing
    1:01 AM Feb 21st via web
  • Good Kate Bush selection on Rage. Wuthering Heights, Sensual World, Breathing, Hammer Horror, Rocket Man. Needs more Suspended In Gaffa tho
    3:14 AM Feb 21st via web
  • Never taken so many photos at a 1 day fest – 1,655. Altho guess did 21 bands by the end #soundwave. Remember when used to do that with 10 rolls film
    3:47 AM Feb 21st via web

Editing Photos

  • Holy fuck. In Soundwave world of pain now. Every things hurts.
    9:40 AM Feb 21st via web
  • I know Patton hates Wolmother, but what’s his beef with photographers? Instructions not to ‘crowd’ him & rolling his mic stand into the pit
    11:35 AM Feb 21st via web
  • Losing the will to live editing Jimmy Eat World photos. Should have gone and seen/photographed these guys instead
    12:38 PM Feb 21st via web
  • The tour dates on the back on Jane’s Addictions T-shirts listed a first date in Byron. This didn’t happen did it? Please say so.
    1:43 PM Feb 21st via web
  • Ok who stole my Paramore RAW files? Jpegs all present & correct. Life continues to be blighted by Paramore the day after they were terrible
    3:11 PM Feb 21st via web
  • Maybe it’s divine retribution for sneering at their brand of good wholesome Christian rock
    3:12 PM Feb 21st via web
  • Much of yest was being told to stay as close to the stage as poss & not get in security’s way.Have they ever thought of having bigger pits?
    5:45 PM Feb 21st via web

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