Texas Tea @ The Troubadour 12-03-10

Texas Tea

Due to the amount of time I spend there – consistently a third of the gigs I go to each year –  I often think of The Zoo as my second home.  Coming up a close third has to be The Troubadour, and in particular Texas Tea at The Troubadour; the very first band I saw after moving to Brisbane, supporting Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side at this very venue.

Tonight is the launch of a their limited edition 12″ vinyl album; one side of late-night recordings made around the campfire whilst recording their second album, The Junkship Recordings, the second side a collection of B-sides from previous EPs and other rarities.  Being the band’s Number One Fan/Stalker I’ve already got all the rarities and even though I’ve got no turntable to play it on, add the album to my Australian record collection, which now totals two, and where it now sits alongside the never-been-played Violent Soho 7″.  One of these days I’m going to have to invest in a turntable.  One of these days I’m going to have to make decisions about what to do with my much missed 2,000+ vinyl albums back in the UK.

Anyway, looking forward to Texas Tea Album No.3 coming along sometime in the not too distant future…

A few more photos on Flickr (not many, I’m sure the lighting there has gotten worse/redder in the last few months).

Texas Tea

Texas Tea

Texas Tea

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  1. Katey Jay says:

    That pic of Ben is awesome!

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