UnderExposed Launch

The UnderExposed exhibition that I have previously blogged about and more formally written about opened on Thursday night with the VIP/private viewing night. And it was a really fantastic night. I got there just before the official opening time and definitely had a real sense of awe at walking into the gallery and seeing all the photos up on the walls. Patience and John from The Grates were there (and put a photo of my Patience and Luke from Violent Soho photos on their Tumblr site), as was Ian from Powderfinger, and plenty of other movers and shakers from the Brisbane music and arts scenes.  And much red wine was drunk, probably way too much red wine if Friday morning was anything to go by. 

I was photographing elsewhere on Friday night so didn’t go to the public opening night, but by all accounts it all continued on from Thursday night. I did get up early on Saturday and go to the Music Photography Symposium and saw some really inspiring and entertaining talks from Tony Mott, Dan Boud and IP Lawyer Ellen Beattie, who I feel is going to become my new best friend in the next series of battles against various industrial conglomerates and media entities regarding copyright infringements.

Photographer Mark Lobo took some photos at the launch night and they can be seen at his website and Charlyn Cameron, another exhibitor at UnderExposed, also has some photos of the launch and the symposium on her blog.

The exhibition is open until Monday 4 May, so if you’re in Brisbsane you should go and have a look around.

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