Washington + Last Dinosaurs @ The Troubadour

I know I’ve blogged previously about photographing keyboard players; it’s the worst and along with saxophonists they’re probably the hardest musicians to get really good photos of.  Not just ok photos, REALLY good photos.  This is possibly because, with a very few exceptions, the keyboard is the most un-rock instrument ever.  So Megan Washington is off to a bad start straight away and getting anything near resembling a really good photo of her is made even harder by her long hair falling all over her face and also by her wearing glasses.  Photographing people with glasses can be a hard task anyway, what with the reflections, but it’s amazing how hard it can be photographing musicians with glasses and to not get the frames covering up the eyes.  Being The Troubadour, everyone is sat down and so I end up just photographing from the same place but afterwards regret not moving over to the other side for a bit, as other photos I’ve seen of her since seem better from that side.

Apart from the pains of photographing, it was an enjoyable gig.  It’s good to see sold out local gig (although I thinks she’s based in Melbourne now).  It’s amazing what a bit of regular play on Triple J can do for you; shame they don’t play Brisbane bands a bit more often…

Some more photos on flickr.


Last Dinosaurs

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  1. I remember that gig was a bit of a pain to shoot even from the other side. I don’t mind shooting keyboardists, and even glasses can be an attractive (distinctive) feature, but you have a bit of height or an angle that allows you to see the fingerwork otherwise it’s probably going to be dull, dull, dull.

    I find harmonicas trickiest. I don’t think I’ve ever grabbed a good harmonica shot yet.

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