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The Audreys @ The Powerhouse, 31.10.2010

When Taasha and Tristian from The Audreys played a show in due mode at The Troubadour in May 2010, they let slip that their forthcoming third album would be called “Sometimes She Stars” and that they would be launching it at The Powerhouse in October. Come Halloween, not exactly a night you would associated with […]

Taasha & Tristan + Timothy Carroll @ The Troubadour 28-05-10

I knew I hadn’t edited the photos from this night but then found that I’d already drafted the post.  It’s strange reading thoughts from 11 months ago, especially when no one knew at the time that The Troubadour would be shutting in November.  With reference to the first couple of lines, The Troubadour ended up […]

The Audreys at The Zoo – No Chimping Allowed

– His computer’s off. – Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong? – Nothing. I’m all right I recently made the point on the flickr concert photography forum that photographing concerts isn’t rocket science – most of what’s happening on stage – the lighting, where people stand, what they do – is completely […]