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Big Day Out 2014 @ Metricon Stadium, 19.01.2014: Part 2

After The Drones have mostly emptied the Red Stage tent, Grouplove pack it out to capacity.  Within half a song it’s clear that the band’s main influence has to be the Eurovision Song Contest.  There’s no way a band could come up with a song like their opening song, the sort of thing you’d tune […]

Big Day Out 2014 @ Metricon Stadium, 19.01.2014: On Film

I normally like to keep things roughly chronological on This Is Not A Photo Opportunity, even though it usually means a massive backlog around festival time when there just isn’t the time to keep up to date. I’m going to break with convention to put up a few posts from this year’s festival season with […]

Cosmic Psychos + Sixfthick

The usual Saturday night trials and tribulations. Gf out with mates, 1 1/2 hours late back, and drunk. So by the time we get to The Zoo have missed Dick Nasty and half of Sixfthick. Worse mosh pit ever. Am just too old for that stuff these days. And it’s even worse when stood there […]