Deadshits #2 @ Woodland, 28.01.2011

A mixed evening of highs and lows:

The Highs

  • Boomgates
  • Assassins88
  • Superstar
  • Per Purpose
  • Bands playing on the floor
  • The hard lighting from those cheap external working/security lights (usually painted yellow, with grille over the front)

The Lows

  • Circle Pit
  • Holy Balm, mainly because of the huge gap between Assassins88 and Holy Balm playing, despite the gear being on stage and set up and with there being no obvious problems with the gear
  • The timetable going out the window and Circle Pit playing an hour and more after they were scheduled to play
  • Circle Pit playing to a small audience, possibly because being a Friday, people had been at work all day and didn’t want to be watching a band not starting until well after 1am, possibly because they weren’t very good.
  • Paying $22 for a vodka redbull and a bottle of cider


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