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Boomgates + Super Wild Horses + Per Purpose @ Woodland, 07.05.2011

My first trip to Woodland last year (to see sixfthick) was really enjoyable and I had high hopes for the new venue. ¬†However, in the last 6 or so months I’ve found myself disliking the place more and more. ¬†It’s no big issue really, I mean I don’t like loads of the venues in Brisbane […]

Deadshits #2 @ Woodland, 28.01.2011

A mixed evening of highs and lows: The Highs Boomgates Assassins88 Superstar Per Purpose Bands playing on the floor The hard lighting from those cheap external working/security lights (usually painted yellow, with grille over the front) The Lows Circle Pit Holy Balm, mainly because of the huge gap between Assassins88 and Holy Balm playing, despite […]