Parklife 2007

Photographed Parklife when it passed through Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Not quite sure why I said I’d do it: me and dance music are generally two mutually exclusive entities… I think it was because I was asked, and flattery gets you everywhere…

Despite not really looking forward to it, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I though I would. I think with having been away for a month it was good to get in the swing of photographing things again and the running between stages at festivals to get there in time for your three songs adds some excitement to the usual hanging around for something to happen that you get at normal gigs.

Hot pink fluoro hurts my eyes though…..

Enjoyed The Sounds. Think they had the advantage of not really fitting in with the rest of bands/artists on the bill and were probably more akin to something I might normally listen to. But it was a flying visit to see them before rushing off to the other side of the festival to photograph MSTRKRFT.

Stereo MCs DJ set (ie Rob Birch) was a scary sight… It was fun trying to keep up with MIA to get a shot of her… Justice, Digitalism, Yelle and Lyrics Born played mostly in the dark… Muscles was kinda boring, comedy-musical karaoke… don’t see the big deal, but he pulled them in… always fun photographing bands like Winnie Coopers and The Herd.

Might have to put it in my diary for next year…

Some photos here and plenty of more on flickr.

Twist Oliver Twist

Winnie Coopers

Stereo MCs



The Herd

The Sounds




Lyrics Born



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