Timothy Carroll + Mckisko + Kate Jacobsen @ The Troubadour

As I said at the time, I was very impressed when I first saw Timothy Carroll, when he supported Texas Tea at their album launch last year; a set of really nice songs, with excellent melodies sung beautifully, especially the vocal contributions of The Troubadour’s Corinna Scanlon who I didn’t realise sang up until that point.

Tonight is a launch for Timothy Carroll’s debut album, ‘For Bread & Circuses.  There is a strangeness about attending an album launch gig on Sunday, even though there is a very good turnout at The Troubadour, with most people appearing to be on their best behaviour in advance of a return to work the following morning, a change from the more raucous Friday and Saturday night album launches. 

Texas Tea’ Kate Jacobson, playing in solo mode, opens the night and plays a couple of superb new songs which hopefully means that it won’t be too long until their next album.  McKisko also supports and as before her best songs are those where she loops her voice and instruments.

From memory all of ‘For Bread & Circuses‘ gets played over the course of the evening, with Cori Scanlon’s enchanting ‘Forest‘ also played and the night ending with a new song ‘Deepest Dive’.  If there is a weak point during the set, it is the cover of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘It’s A Heartache‘ that opens the encore, a song that was terrible the 1970s and is way past any sort of musical redemption, even with Kate Jacobson singing on it.  But other than that one small point it’s another night of great Brisbane music at The Troubadour.

A few more photos from the night are on Flickr.

Kate Jacobson


 Timothy Carroll


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  1. Tal Wallace says:

    This show was one of my favourites of the year.

  2. Agree with what Tal said. Three great songwriters, three astonishing performances.

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