2011 Photo Passes and Tickets
Another year has zipped by and today’s the ninth anniversary of the site.

The backlog has increased and I’ve recently found myself over a year behind, despite photographing less and less.  I think that’s half the problem; when I was photographing much more it helped make sure I kept on top of things.  I would photograph much more than I do but no one seems interested in reviewing.  I miss those days of photographing several times a week.  I try to avoid doubling up as much as I can as I’m not a great reviewer and definitely not a fast reviewer/writer.  I’m the king of unfinished posts that take so long as to be unusable as the moment has long since passed.

The other reason for the decline in posting is that in recent years I became a habitual writer, managing to crank out 400-500 words every morning on the train to work, but thanks to the cost I don’t use public transport as much as I did, maybe only once or twice a week. It’s not enough to keep on top of it all.

I’m now up to 562 posts (this one being 563), a measly 18 posts during the year compared to 50 last year and 45 the year before and a long way off 2012’s record productive year of 88 posts. I didn’t get around to doing a ‘Best of 2014’ at the start of the year but, then again, I still haven’t gotten around to doing a ‘Best of 2013’ yet either.  The photos are all up to date (with the exception of this weekend’s from the Babaganouj show at The Brightside and a photo of last year’s tickets and passes, hence the 2012 version) and a lot of the 2014 posts have been fully drafted so it’s a case of putting together a few of the outstanding ones to get back on target.  The next job is trying to put into words just how good the 3 ¾ hour Bruce Springsteen show was last February.

This August also marks the 10th anniversary of moving to Brisbane.  I really should do something official to mark the occasion, although I don’t know what or whether I’ll end up having the time to do anything.

For interest, the most popular posts of the last 12 months are below.  That’s two years in a row that Brian Setzer has topped the list.

  1. Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot @ The Tivoli, 28.03.2012
  2. Soundwave 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 25.02.2012, Part 1
  3. Queens Of The Stone Age – The True Meaning of Era Vulgaris
  4. Flavours Of Scuzz @ Woodland, 09.07.2011
  5. Parklife 2011 @ The Riverstage, 01.10.2011
  6. Soundwave 2010 @ RNA Showgrounds, 20.02.2010: Part 1
  7. Laneway 2013 @ RNA Showgrounds, 01.02.2013: Part 1
  8. Good Vibrations @ Gold Coast Parklands, 19.02.2011: Part 1
  9. Soundwave 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 25.02.2012: Part 3
  10. Steely Dan + Steve Winwood @ Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton, 23.10.2011
  11. Mark Lanegan Band @ The Tivoli, 21.04.2012
  12. Soundwave 2013 @ RNA Showgrounds, 23.02.2013: Part 3
  13. Jesus Jones + The Wonder Stuff + Clouds @ The Tivoli, 18.08.2011
  14. Everett True vs The Australian Music Press
  15. Big Day Out 2014 @ Metricon Stadium, 19.01.2014: Part 3
  16. Future Music Festival 2012 @ Doomben Racecourse, 03.03.2012: Part 1
  17. Soundwave 2013 @ RNA Showgrounds, 23.02.2013: Part 2
  18. Laneway 2014 @ RNA Showgrounds, 31.01.2014: On Film
  19. The Steady As She Goes + Occults @ Black Bear Lodge, 13.02.2014
  20. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 26.02.2014: On Film

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