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Black Lips + Tiny Migrants @ The Zoo, 02.03.2012

It’s the day after the night before. With no 11:25pm Beenleigh train, I have to hang around to 11:55pm to get home and the train is delayed due to a “police incident at Alderley”, making it another 20 minutes late. By the time I get home it’s just before 1am and there’s a big day at work with […]

Neon Indian @ The Zoo, 01.03.2012

Having accepted a last minute request to photograph Jessie J over the other side of town at The Riverstage, I miss both of tonight’s support bands – Argentina (given Sean Penn’s, Roger Walter’s and now Morrissey’s comments, I wonder what their view of the Falkland Islands is?) and YesYou. I get to The Zoo just as Neon Indian […]

Metronomy + Oscar+Martin @ The Zoo, 04.01.2012

I came to Metronomy initially through reviews and interviews, rather than by actually hearing any of their songs. The point of interest was that the band’s main songwriter and singer, Joseph Mount, comes from Totnes, a small town just south of Dartmoor about 45 minutes drive away from where I come from. Devon is not […]

Jim Jones Revue + The Delta Riggs @ The Zoo, 03.01.2012

After a few weeks off from photographing and a relaxing Christmas spent not doing much at all, I spend the day finding it hard to summon up anything much in the way of enthusiasm for the first gig of the New Year, Jim Jones Revue at The Zoo. I caught a few songs from the […]

Future Of The Left + Turnpike + Tape/Off @ The Zoo, 06.12.2011

Tonight is the night I finally get to see Future Of The Left for the first time. Although they have played Brisbane a few times they also seem to plan their Australian tours to coincide with the New Year and I’ve always been out of town when they’ve been here before.  In addition to the […]

Mudhoney + Precious Jules @ The Zoo, 05.12.2011

Back in the day I never got into Mudhoney. I don’t know why but they never really did anything for me.  I had friends and housemates that loved them, so got to hear bits and pieces from their earlier albums but the songs just never grabbed me.  I’d seen the band a few times down […]

Naboo DJ Set + Los Huevos @ The Zoo 16.05.2010

A depressing evening all ’round. Tonight is the second show of two shows to be announced but the first to take place, the Sunday before the original show next Saturday. This show is taking place because the first show sold out so quickly. Tonight isn’t a sell out but The Zoo has a reasonably sized […]

I Used To Skate Once 7 @ The Zoo, 23.06.2011

It feels like it was only yesterday that I popped into I Used To Skate Once 6 on the way to and on the way back from the gorgeous Hope Sandoval gig at The Tivoli.  This year I had originally put in to cover Helmet at The Hi-Fi but decided that this would be more […]

The Pajama Club + Glass Towers @ The Zoo, 12.06.2011

Straight from Unconvention to the Joynt for a few post conference drinks and straight from the Joynt to The Zoo for The Pajama Club’s, Neil Finn’s new band, second ever gig, having played in Byron on the Saturday night. I’ve been a huge Neil Finn for a long while. Although I don’t think it was […]

The Go! Team + Toy Balloon @ The Zoo, 03.05.2011

I always despise those half arsed, cliche-ridden, lazy street press live reviews that end along the lines of  “…and the crowd all left with smiles on their faces”.    However, if anyone reviewing tonight’s Go! Team show ends their review with similar words, I’d be more than happy to forgive them. [update: oh, look! ] […]

Stature::Statue + Velociraptor + Dune Rats + Horse Fight + Tape/Off @ The Zoo, 28.04.2011

It’s the launch night for Stature::Statue’s debut album but also their last show.  It seems to happen a lot in Brisbane that bands either make an album and either call it a day soon after (as recently done by The Rocketsmiths) or get most of the way through recording and don’t even get around to […]

The Hold Steady @ The Zoo, 09.03.2011

When it comes to flicking through the shelves of CDs at my place to decide what to put on the stereo, more often than not the conversation starts with the following opening: Girlfriend – “Every time I think there can’t be any more Bruce Springsteen albums, I manage to find another one”. What can I say? I […]

Black Mountain + Night Terrors @ The Zoo, 17.02.2011

The third of my three mid-week nights at The Zoo; tonight it’s Black Mountain Thursday, which comes after Swervedriver Wednesday and Caribou Tuesday. Gentle Ben Friday and Good Vibrations Saturday are yet to come and they’re stories for another time. Despite knowing the least about Black Mountain and their music it ends up being my […]

Swervedriver + Giants Of Science + Loomer @ The Zoo, 16.01.2011

The last time I saw Swervedriver was at the ATP MBV-curated Nightmare Before Xmas weekend back in December 2009, in a still-yet-to-be-written blog post. It was supremely loud (not as loud as MBV, but then nothing comes close to that) and frustratingly the band played in the dark, making photographing them the usual, frustrating low […]

Caribou + Four Tet @ The Zoo, 15.02.2011

In the cold light of the morning after the night before, I’m annoyed with myself for taking home a such a bad set of photos from the Caribou/Four Tet double-header. Firstly, there’s Four Tet. There’s only one thing worse than taking photos of keyboard players and that’s taking photos of laptop musicians. At the very […]

The New Pornographers @ The Zoo, 09-11-2010

It always annoys me whenever a New Pornographers tour is announced and the first comments on any forum always concentrate on whether Neko Case is touring with them this time around, as if she is the whole raison d’être for the band and the sole focal point.  It’s a bit disrespectful to and unfair on […]

Brisbane Sounds 2010 – The Gin Club, Grand Atlantic, The Cairos, Lion Island, Coalition Crew, Dirtybird @ The Zoo, 27-02-10

More photos from the archive.

Violent Soho + Scul Hazzards + Butcher Birds + The Seizures @ The Zoo 24-07-10

Three of Brisbane’s best bands, three bands I’ve photographed and blogged about so many times it’s hard to know what else I can say (plus opening band The Seizures, who I’d never seen before but who had my ears ringing well before the end of their set and me reaching for my ear plugs, a […]

Sally Seltmann + Parades + Little Scout @ The Zoo 09-07-10

Although Sally Seltmann is the headliner tonight, it’s clear that Parades are the drawcard, with Seltmann playing to a much smaller audience than the main support act. Whilst Parades are an interesting and intriguing band and have a lot of good things going for them, there’s something about them that just hard to actually like, […]

Mark Lanegan @ The Zoo 06-07-10

As much as I really like Mark Lanegan, and all the music he’s been involved with, he’s not an easy subject to photograph, preferring to perform in extreme darkness with his eyes tightly shut.  The cause isn’t helped tonight by being at The Zoo, which doesn’t have a photo pit and choosing the wrong side […]

I Used To Skate Once 6 @ The Zoo 24-06-2010

With the best part of 90 minutes to kill before Hope Sandoval is due to start her set at The Tivoli, I Used To Skate Once 6 down the road at The Zoo means that I have something to do whilst I wait. Although previous years’ events have always been in my diary, this is […]

Mess Hall + Bridezilla + Cabins @ The Zoo 13-03-10

Tonight is a night that really highlights everything that’s wrong about the three songs, no flash rule. The night gets off to a good start as I’m let in for free despite not covering the gig – I do keep my promise to spend the saved money on merch, buying both the Mess Hall and […]

Butcher Birds + Sixfthick + Loomer + Dirty Bird @ The Zoo

It seems to have taken forever and a day ( a bit like this post), but finally we got there; the Butcher Birds‘ début album launch, just about 3½ years to the very day from their very first gig at The Rev on Sunday 2 April 2006.  Way back then, with half the band being fairly new to […]

The Cribs @ The Zoo 16-02-10

Any chance to be in the same room as one of my musical heroes since forever is not something to be passed up on and why I find myself at The Cribs‘ gig at The Zoo tonight. I photographed Johnny Marr when he played at Falls Festival with Modest Mouse back at the very end […]